Dog Kennels

DSC_0274Hand crafted dog kennels made from recycled wine barrels sourced from selected wineries.


Sizes – 

The barrels are a LOT bigger than they appear in the photos.

The 300 litre barrels are 1010mm long x 770mm wide x 860mm high including the base frame.

The 225 litre barrels are 920mm long x 660mm wide x 750mm high including the base frame.

The door openings in the end are 280mm wide x 390mm high and can be made larger or smaller as required to suit your woofer. The door opening can also be on the side.



Due to the size of the barrels, we offer a friendly delivery service on weekends and after work hours in and around Melbourne for a small fee (we can give you an estimate if you send through your postcode) . They don’t fit in the back of many cars but if you have a ute, 4wd or a trailer and someone to help you lift the barrel out at the other end then you should be ok.



Varnished kennel includes a sturdy barrel stand (to stop your dog rolling away) and an internal floor (so that your dog has a flat surface to lay on). You can easily personalise your dog’s new home with your dog’s favourite bed, pillows or towels.

The kennels are crafted to be easy to clean and the look of each kennel is completely unique due to the individuality of each barrel.

Kennels can be modified at no additional charge to suit size of dog.

Delivery in and around Melbourne available for a small fee (include your postcode with your enquiry and we can provide an estimate).

Kennels are:

$275 for 225l barrel

$290 for 300l barrel


Want 2 entrances to the kennel or the door on a hinge? Speak to us about some custom options we can do.